Commercial Electric Services in Mansfield, Ellenwood, McDonough & Alpharetta, GA

Commercial Electric Services in Mansfield, Ellenwood, McDonough & Alpharetta, GA

Technological advancements have made today’s business operations more efficient than ever. Many of these high-tech digital tools, platforms, and networks, however, have heavy electrical requirements. A building contractor must consider the power needs of its clients when it creates plans for commercial and industrial spaces. Tech Service Company is a local electrical contractor that has been installing, updating and repairing commercial electrical systems since 1969. Call us today at (770) 527-6205 to schedule a commercial electric services consultation for your next commercial building project.


Electrical Wiring Installations and Upgrades

Commercial electricians such as Tech Service Company lay wire for appliances that operate your building’s lights, HVAC system, and security system. Depending on the project, we plan the electrical configuration, or we work from diagrams that general contractors give us. We install circuit panels and wiring for new construction buildings as well as for existing structures. Once we’ve wired your building, our electricians use professional-grade equipment to test out circuitry to make sure that your building’s electrical system works according to its performance specifications and local building codes. Upgrading an electrical system is a great first step toward extending the life of an aging commercial building. Contact us today to schedule commercial electric services.


Improved Energy Management Solutions

As an experienced electrical contractor, Tech Service Company delivers solutions that are energy efficient. We evaluate proposed wiring configurations and building appliances to improve the way that power is distributed and used throughout your commercial structure. We often propose the installation of low-voltage lighting and innovative HVAC systems that minimize energy consumption. Variable refrigerant units and geothermal systems are just a couple of heating and cooling platforms that are on our energy-efficient watch list. When you need to reduce your building’s energy consumption without sacrificing performance, give us a call at (770) 527-6205 for a commercial electric services consultation

Dedicated Electrical Circuits for Computer Equipment

Updated computer system infrastructure is a huge draw for tenants that operate in the software development, business services, and information technology industries. Tech Service Company installs dedicated computer circuits to make sure that business critical technology systems get the power that they need to operate without interruption. When you want to improve productivity and reduce downtime caused by overloaded electrical systems, give us a call at (770) 527-6205 to learn more about our dedicated computer circuit installation services.    

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