Meet the Team

Ronnie  Lead Electrician

Ronnie Lead Electrician

Ronnie is the Lead Electrician for Tech Service Company. He learned his electrical expertise from his father growing up and has over 10 years of hands on experience in both residential and commercial electrical service. He loves his wife and two daughters and enjoys going hunting and fishing in his free time. The problem solving aspect of his job is what keeps him motivated to create a perfect product.

Dylan - Journeyman Electrician

Dylan - Journeyman Electrician

Dylan is a Journeyman Electrician for Tech Service Company. He has 8 years of experience and is highly skilled at troubleshooting and repairs. He is a family man and proud father of two who enjoys discussing sports. He is dedicated to his work and someone who is easy to get along with.

Talisha  Operations Manager

Talisha Operations Manager

Talisha is the Operations Manager for Tech Service Company. She is responsible for scheduling clients with electricians and manages all of the companies behind the scene processes. When she isn't working she is playing with her daughter or reading a good book. Her background is in customer service and communications management.

Clarke Goetting, Electrician & Business Owner

Clarke Goetting, Electrician & Business Owner

Clarke is the Owner of Tech Service Company and a seasoned electrician. He is a jack of all trades and really focuses on making sure he's providing valuable and up-to-date services to the community.

Service Area

Mansfield, Ellenwood, Alpharetta and surrounding areas