Wiring Services

Wiring Services

Room addition and remodeling projects add to your home’s value, comfort, and function. While you’ve likely planned the layout and furnishings for your renovated space, you’ll need to consider your new electrical requirements. Modern homes support power-hungry computer network equipment, home theaters, HVAC systems, and a host of kitchen appliances. Safely wiring a space to accommodate your growing electricity needs requires skill, experience, and knowledge of local building codes. Tech Service Company has been wiring new construction homes, room additions and remodeled homes since 1969. Planning a home renovation project that needs professional wiring? Give us a call at (770) 527-6205 for a consultation.

Upgrading Your Electrical System During a Renovation

The best time to upgrade your electrical system or fix annoying, non-emergency electrical issues is during a home renovation that involves removing walls and ceilings. Most of these renovations require extra wiring work to make the space function optimally. You may want to run electricity overhead to accommodate a ceiling fan, recessed lights or both. You’ll also want to consider adding outlets to the space. With the help of an electrical contractor such as Tech Service Company, you can also fix faulty cables, sockets, and switches while getting a beautiful new space.

Wiring Your Smart Home for Automation

Home automation technology helps property owners to stay connected to the happenings on the home front. Tech Service Company wires homes to support multi-zone HVAC controllers, video distribution panels, and smart home security hubs. We install deep junction boxes to accommodate large switches, data cables for high-performance computer network equipment and whole-house surge protection equipment to prevent electrical damage during storms. If you want to automate your home theater, HVAC thermostat, and security system, you should consider our wiring services. Home automation devices not only make life more convenient, but they can help you to save money on your energy bills as well. Give us a call at (770) 527-6205 to learn more about our services.  

Rewiring Your Older Home for Added Safety and Convenience

Vintage homes are full of character, but they are also rife with electrical safety hazards. These homes typically use fuse panels that limit the amount of electricity that moves across your home’s wires. Many of your favorite electronic devices are power hogs that regularly cause blown fuses. To prevent this, consider upgrading your home’s electrical wiring and installing a modern circuit breaker. We’ve been making older homes safer and more comfortable with our rewiring services for 50 years. When you want an electrical system that can consistently power all your modern appliances with ease, call Tech Service Company at (770) 527-6205 for a service quote.

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